News | Quality Assurance (QA) | October 18, 2018

IBA Dosimetry Launches myQA Daily

myQA Daily is optimized for daily QA workflow efficiency.

myQA Daily from IBA Dosimetry enables fast as well as high-quality daily linac QA. More measurement points allow more accurate morning checks and trend analysis. It is a solution for daily Linac QA to combine workflow efficiency with high-quality measurements and analysis. With 125 ionization chambers overall, and 31 ionization chambers for each centerline, the detector array provides the largest amount of measured beam data of any available daily QA device. This increased data capacity allows a more accurate morning QA and trend analysis of dose output, flatness, symmetry, center, field size, and energy. With the higher accuracy of myQA Daily, negative trends and linac issues can be detected before the linac fails.

myQA Daily is optimized for daily QA workflow efficiency. From detector setup to measurement to test result, the entire morning QA can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

The myQA Daily software is operated easily in a web browser from any workstation or tablet PC connected to the hospital network. The server-based software enables easy integration with existing IT infrastructure.

The detector array’s real-time Wi-Fi data exchange and rechargeable battery allow wireless daily QA setup and measurements. The cable-free design enables a convenient workflow and easy use at multiple linacs.

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