News | February 21, 2008

FUJIFILM's Digital Mammography Now Available for Mobile

February 22, 2008 - FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc.'s Computed Radiography for Mammography (FCRm) is now available for use in mobile mammography environments.

The first two installations of Mobile FCRm systems were in mobile units operated by the Harris County Hospital District in Houston and St. Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta.

According to FUJIFILM, analysts believe that more than 400 mobile mammography units are in use today throughout the U.S. with the vast majority using conventional analogue film systems, with only about 10-15 percent of existing mobile coaches having converted to digital mammography.

The company said that FCRm makes the transition to digital easier and more affordable in mobile environments than other FFDM systems. The Mobile FCRm is reportedly less sensitive to temperature and humidity changes that may damage electronic detectors.

The Harris County Hospital District has installed Fujifilm’s Mobile FCRm in a new vehicle, while the mobile coach at St. Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta elected to retrofit their existing coach.

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