News | August 08, 2007

eHealth Global and Portable Information Management Systems Pen Service Agreement

August 9, 2007 — eHealth Global Technologies Inc., and Portable Information Management Systems, Inc. (PIMS), maker of the MedicKey Digital Information Chip, have agreed to provide eHealth Global’s eRetriever service to customers who purchase a MedicKey.
The eRetriever service allows eHealth Global to assist MedicKey customers with the retrieval of their medical records; eHealth Global will then populate their personal data on their MedicKey device, including scanned-in documents and medical images. The service’s intent to make it simple for a customer to obtain all of their relevant historical medical information, and have it easily accessible to their care providers on the unique password-protected MedicKey USB-based device.
Clinicians, hospitals and health systems can also benefit from patient use of the MedicKey and eRetiever service with access to more accurate, relevant patients records, the companies say. eHealth Global will securely and privately retain a copy of the customer’s MedicKey data, so that new keys can be easily created if the original one is lost. And, with a monthly subscription, customers can have eHealth Global collect and update their MediKey with any new medical reports, tests, or images they have done after their initial purchase.
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