Sponsored Content | Case Study | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | March 03, 2017

Over 30 years of innovation delivers our most advanced MR system ever, the SIGNA Architect. Fueled by the SIGNAWorks productivity platform, this novel technology delivers greater speed, acuity and consistency than ever thought possible. Dynamic and versatile, the advances in imaging capabilities are clearly visible. For prostate imaging, obtain 4D, high-resolution imaging with DynamIc SCan Optimization (DISCO). DISCO combines 3D DCEMRI, two-point Dixon, parallel imaging and temporal acceleration to drastically reduce scan time. Experience the potential to eliminate bolus timing with scans produced in less than 1 second, and by sampling the center of k-space more frequently, get better clarity of the rapidly changing contrast dynamics of the prostate. We imagined what MR can be and the result is the SIGNA Architect.

A patient was referred to MR for further evaluation of a potential ectopic BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The patient initially underwent a TRUS, transrectal-ultrasound, exam, but further examination showed the possibility of a high-grade tumor. Due to the mass’s proximity to the right nerve bundle and rectum, an MR exam was performed to help identify a more precise location for a lesion biopsy. The DynamIc SCan Optimization (DISCO) 4D imaging technique was used as part of the MR exam on the SIGNA Architect. With scan times of :06 sec/phase, DISCO potentially eliminates bolus timing techniques. DISCO and four pulse sequences were used according to the PIRADS report: (T2 3, DWI 5, DCE +, ADC 450), size 12 mm. 

For more information, visit our SIGNA Architect or SIGNAWorks sites.


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