News | Digital Radiography (DR) | November 14, 2023

Innovative solutions, industry expertise and voice-of-customer focus will be on full display 

Building on its century-long foundation of imaging research science, the company will showcase its diagnostic imaging solutions that help improve clinical outcomes, enhance the imaging experience for users and patients, and strengthen the financial position of healthcare facilities.

Carestream will be featuring its innovative medical imaging solutions at RSNA 2023. (Photo: Business Wire) 

November 14, 2023 — Carestream Health will exhibit its expanding portfolio of innovative, industry-leading medical imaging solutions at the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference on November 26–29, 2023 in Chicago. Building on its century-long foundation of imaging research science, the company will showcase its diagnostic imaging solutions that help improve clinical outcomes, enhance the imaging experience for users and patients, and strengthen the financial position of healthcare facilities. 

“The demands on radiography are growing in number and complexity, and Carestream is dedicated to delivering solutions that help solve our customers’ challenges,” said Vincent Chan, president and general manager of digital radiography at Carestream. “Knowing that the industry continues to contend with staffing shortages and reduced budgets, Carestream is highlighting our advanced smart features that help radiographers execute quality exams in less time with less fatigue, leaving more time for patient interaction. We also are showcasing our expanding line of X-ray solutions that deliver high-quality imaging at a more affordable price.” 

Solutions to address staffing shortages 

New Smart Room Assist on DRX-Compass and DRX-Evolution Plus (510(k) pending) 

  • Uses AI-based technology and automation to streamline workflow 
  • Enables more consistent image capture 
  • Improves patient alignment to help ensure correct positioning 

ImageView Software 

  • Provides high image quality with AI and advanced image processing technology 
  • Delivers quick and sleek operator experience via a single-screen workflow 
  • Allows users to track analytics on key parameters such as exposure rates and number of rejections 

DRX-LC Detector 

  • Captures long-length images with a single exposure 
  • Saves exam time and speeds up workflow 
  • Decreases retakes 
  • Allows a higher level of patient comfort 

Solutions to address reduced budgets 

New Horizon X-ray System 

  • Highly affordable, easy-to-use analog X-ray system 
  • Key functionality to diagnose with confidence 
  • Exceptional image quality 
  • Easy upgrade path to digital imaging 

New DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System 

  • Feature-rich, fully integrated digital X-ray unit provides affordable path to digital imaging 
  • Efficiency boosting features including two touchscreen displays, a state-of-the-art lithium battery and in-bin detector charging 
  • Bedside imaging minimizes disruption and helps vastly improve patient experience 

DRX-Compass X-ray System 

  • Exceptional image quality 
  • Scalable and upgradeable technology 
  • Available in floor-mount or OTC configuration 

DRX-Transportable System/Lite 

  • Enables smooth affordable transition to DR with minimal hardware changes 
  • Improves workflow, efficiency and image quality 
  • Maximizes performance of existing equipment 

Focus 35C Detector 

  • Reduces the cost barriers to wireless DR imaging 
  • Speeds workflow and increases productivity 
  • Provides an affordable detector option for rooms, mobiles and retrofit systems 

Full suite of imaging solutions on display at RSNA 

Carestream will exhibit additional innovations in its Booth #2511 at RSNA. These will include the DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System, Vita Flex CR with the DRYVIEW 5950 Laser Imager, and the DRX Plus Detectors including the Lux 35 Detector. 

Additionally, Carestream will headline a session on AI at the Innovation Theater in the South Hall on November 26 at 11 a.m. Dr. Luca Bogoni, head of advanced research and innovation at Carestream, will present “Smart Rooms: AI Innovations Leading the Trend of Transformative Changes for Operators and Patients.” 

“RSNA is an excellent forum to share with attendees the new innovations we have developed in response to their biggest challenges,” said Mr. Chan. “We look forward to working with attendees to help them understand how Carestream can help enhance the user and patient experience, improve clinical outcomes and strengthen their facility’s financial position.” 

Schedule an appointment to discuss Carestream’s latest innovations and other medical imaging solutions at RSNA 2023. 

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