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Digital surgery pioneer conducts 40-patient study with ActivSight Intraoperative Imaging Module to demonstrate advanced visualization use cases in the operating room

Digital surgery pioneer conducts 40-patient study with ActivSight Intraoperative Imaging Module to demonstrate advanced visualization use cases in the operating room

May 24, 2022 — Activ Surgical, a digital surgery pioneer, today announced the successful completion of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) study using its ActivSight intraoperative imaging module at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo (UB)  in New York. The 40-patient study was led by principal investigator Dr. Christina Sanders, medical director of ECMC Synergy Bariatrics for UB, and demonstrated how the FDA-cleared ActivSight imaging module can provide real time, on-demand insights and intraoperative visual data and images not currently available to surgeons through existing technologies.

Dr. Sanders was joined by peers from UB during this IRB study, including Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg, Dr. Aaron Hoffman, Dr. John Ortolani, Dr. John Butsch, Dr. Alan Posner, Dr. Matthew Burtstein and Dr. Marissa Novack. In addition, Dr. Ajay Panchal, Dr. Mark Falvo and Dr. Jeffrey Visco from Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital also participated in the study. 

During the study, Dr. Sanders and her colleagues conducted a variety of procedures using the ActivSight imaging module on patients undergoing elective laparoscopic and robotic-assisted bariatric and colorectal anastomoses and cholecystectomies with the goal of improving patient safety by reducing adverse complications through augmented visual intelligence. The imaging module is an easy-to-adapt platform that seamlessly attaches to today’s laparoscopic systems providing real time, on demand insights, integrated into standard monitors. The study incorporated the use of the Activ Surgical intraoperative surgical intelligence and the proprietary ActivPerfusion visualization mode that allows for dye-free detection and display of tissue perfusion and real-time imperceptible latency.

“My peers and I are very pleased with the results of this IRB study using Activ Surgical enhanced visualization,” said Dr. Sanders. “The technology was easy to use and allowed us to see critical elements, such as blood flow and tissue perfusion, that were previously impossible to see with repeatable accuracy during procedures. The potential impact of the ActivSight imaging module and Activ Surgical visualization technology to improve patient safety is incredibly promising.” 

“Implementing new technologies into the OR is historically very difficult to do,” said Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor and Chairman of Surgery in the Jacobs School at UB. “I was impressed by the ActivSight imaging module’s capabilities, specifically its ability to enhance visualization capabilities during surgical procedures. All of the surgeons involved in this study are excited about the promise of the Activ Surgical technology and the potential impact it may have on surgical outcomes.”

“Completing this IRB study is a significant milestone for Activ Surgical that validates our technology as we prepare for global commercialization of the ActivSight imaging module,” said Todd Usen, chief executive officer, Activ Surgical. “We are incredibly thankful for the work Dr. Sanders and her colleagues have completed at UB and are encouraged by the successes they experienced in the OR using our technology. We believe our platform has great potential to improve patient outcomes and safety in the OR and help to democratize surgical care across the globe.”

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