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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used for breast imaging as an alternative to mammography.

Diffusion-Weighted  Imaging to Reduce Breast MRI  False Positives
Feature | April 26, 2013 | Sana Parsian, M.D., and Savannah C. Partridge, Ph.D.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has emerged as a valuable imaging modality for breast cancer detection and staging....
Blog | March 22, 2013
Only one radiological modality – mammography – is used today for screening. Yet, as America hurdles toward preventive...
breast tomography

\"In retrospect, we might have seen the larger, 8 mm cancer on the 2D images,\" explains Marcela Bohm-Velez, M.D., FACR, \"But the second cancer was extraordinarily subtle -- only 3 mm in size --and there is no way we would have seen it on the 2D images.\"

Case Study | March 19, 2013 | Hologic Inc.
Just weeks after implementing 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis) in their practice, radiologists at Weinstein...
Digital mammography systems

Photo courtesy of Hologic Inc.

Feature | March 19, 2013 | Raissa Rocha
Advances in digital mammography are evolving as clinicians look to improve breast cancer screening in women. In recent...
3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis) system

Christian Gomez, M.D., of the Tsehootsooi Medical Center, Fort Defiance, Arizona, credits the use of Hologic's 3D mammography system with helping its patient population avoid burdensome follow-up visits by providing more accurate, on-the-spot assessments of screening exams.

Case Study | March 19, 2013 | Hologic Inc.
For years, high cancer diagnosis rates and limited access to quality health services plagued the Navajo residents cared...
Breast MRI

Photo courtesy of Hitachi Medical Systems America

Feature | March 19, 2013 | By Williette Nyanue
Increasing research on women with dense breasts is having a positive effect on imaging modalities. It is estimated that...
dense breast tissue

3-D breast tomosynthesis images in combination with conventional and synthesized 2-D images aid in the viewing of dense breast tissue.

Feature | February 08, 2013 | By Gerald R. Kolb
Breast density notification is becoming a reality in many states across the nation by virtue of legislation. A detailed...
When Government Treads on Medical Practice

Dense breast tissues make mammograms (right) difficult to read, which may require complementary testing, such as MRI (left). Efforts by state legislatures mandating that physicians inform patients of the challenges of dense breast imaging raise both opportunity and risk for radiologists. Image courtesy Agfa Healthcare

Blog | January 03, 2013
For many years mammographers have been saddled with low reimbursements. Recognizing this, women’s health advocates...
Breast Coil array
Technology | November 20, 2012
In breast MRI, Hologic is showing a new 16-channel Sentinelle Breast Coil array designed to provide excellent signal-to...
Arkansas Medical Center First in the U.S. to Take 3D Mammography on the Road

The Baxter 3D mammography coach has become a critical resource for the women of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri in obtaining their annual breast cancer screening.

Case Study | October 25, 2012
  Baxter Regional Medical Center is going the extra mile to make sure women in the rural communities of northern...

U-Systems recently received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its somo*v automated breast ultrasound system (ABUS) for breast cancer screening as an adjunct to mammography for asymptomatic women with dense breast tissue.

Feature | October 25, 2012 | Roberto Aranibar
  Over the last few years, new legislation mandating the inclusion of breast density findings in results letters sent...
Hitachi's Echelon Oval 1.5T

Hitachi's Echelon Oval 1.5T

Feature | October 25, 2012 | Helen Kuhl
  Activity in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems marketplace this year included the appearance of several...
Trial Results Demonstrate Diagnostic Performance of Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI System Over Whole-Body Breast MRI
News | October 02, 2012
October 2, 2012 — A clinical trial published in the October issue of Radiology demonstrates that Aurora Imaging...
Example of molecular breast imaging (MBI) with breast cancer.

Positron emission mammography (PEM) produces a 3-D tomographic view of the breast in 12 images per view. Photo courtesy of Naviscan.

Feature | Breast Imaging | July 25, 2012 | Parvez Shirazi, M.D.
The last 20 years have brought about great advances in breast cancer detection and treatment. Among them has been the...
A comparision of a small breast cancer found in a patient without dense breast tissue (left), and a tumor found in a woman with dense fibroglandular tissue. Fibroglandular Dense Breast tissue Comparison

A comparision of a small breast cancer found in a patient without dense breast tissue (left), and a tumor found in a woman with dense fibroglandular tissue. For more information visit

Feature | June 01, 2012 | Thomas S. Chang, M.D., FACR
(This article was updated in July 2016) There has been much talk in the news lately about mammographic breast density,...
Videos | Breast Imaging | March 30, 2012
Gary Levine, M.D., program chair/incoming president of the National Consortium of Breast Centers, gives an overview of...
MRI Technology and Throughput
Feature | March 14, 2012 | Tobias Gilk
My laptop is four years old and reminds me, on a daily basis, why the depreciation for computer equipment is only five...
The AuroraEDGE breast MRI system

The AuroraEDGE breast MRI system

Feature | January 31, 2012 | Helen Kuhl
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the breast continues to get more play as an important adjunct to mammography in...
MBI Proven to be Equivalent to MRI in the Detection of Breast Cancer
News | December 13, 2011
December 13, 2011 – Molecular breast imaging (MBI) has been found to be equivalent to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)...
Canadian Task Force Recommends Against Breast Cancer Screening for Women Under 50
Feature | November 22, 2011
November 21, 2011 — The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care has released an updated guideline for breast...