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Injection System Upgrade Drives Cost Efficiencies and Standardization Making Cost Savings Count

Windsong Radiology Group

Windsong Radiology Group

Windsong Radiology Group is a New York-based radiology practice with five locations. Recently, Windsong participated in a controlled commercial release (CCR) of the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Injection System, the newest MEDRAD CT Injection System. Their participation allowed them to examine how the technology could improve their existing processes while lending their input to Bayer ahead of the company’s widespread platform release. Following the CCR, Windsong detailed how the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Injection System and Bayer’s TechCARE non-obsolescence program have been key to helping them minimize operational costs, standardize care and avoid downtime.

Partnering with Bayer for their equipment and service needs allowed Windsong to achieve a number of primary metrics that are critical to their cost efficiency goals:

•    Staying current with equipment at an affordable cost

•    Maintaining reproducible and consistent image quality

•    Reducing operating costs

•    Benefitting from continued product reliability and maximizing up-time

Avoiding Obsolescence and Minimizing Downtime

Healthcare is evolving, and Windsong, like other radiology centers across the country, is faced with the balancing act of providing high-quality, value-based care while also meeting their budgetary needs.

“Our biggest hurdle right now is declining reimbursements,” said Bryan An, Windsong’s supervisor of MRI and CT. “The cost of doing business has not gone down, but our reimbursements have.”

Participating in the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Injection System CCR gave Windsong the ability to experience how the new CT injection system is optimized to help imaging providers save on operational costs and limit downtime when supported by Bayer service. When coupled with the TechCARE non-obsolescence program — which delivers all the benefits of Bayer’s Radiology Equipment Service — MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Injection System provided Windsong with the boost they needed to maximize their profits in the face of declining reimbursements. It also helped them affordably enact a future-proofed plan for staying up to date with the most current injection system technology.

“One reason why we jumped on TechCARE is because, for a very small sum, we were able to replace all of our injectors. We spent a fraction of what it would normally cost,” said An. “Bayer realizes where medical imaging is headed,” added An, reinforcing that Windsong’s partnership with Bayer allowed the practice to avoid obsolescence as they continue to grow and consider opening additional office locations.

Capitalizing on Reliability

Windsong chose to participate in the CCR for MEDRAD Stellant FLEX due to their long-standing relationship with Bayer and the history of reliability with their MEDRAD injection systems. Sharing his personal experience, An credited MEDRAD reliability as a major reason that Windsong has been able to efficiently manage operational costs.

“I’ve been using MEDRAD injectors since 1998, and I can’t remember a time where we had any extended downtime because of an injector.” He added that when the practice was previously provided with a competitor’s injector at no cost, Windsong chose to return it due to inconsistent performance.

Windsong’s CCR experience was a positive one, said An. “If asked by another provider, I would recommend the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX because it’s a good product with high reliability, combined with great services provided by Bayer.”

Overcoming Financial Hurdles

Cost has always been a major factor in healthcare, but the current landscape is making it more difficult than ever for providers to maintain cost efficiency. It’s a challenge that Windsong knows well and has worked hard to effectively manage.

“We’ve experienced increased procedure volume in several modalities, yet our reimbursement has gone down significantly,” said An. “It’s an issue that’s all too familiar for radiology providers, and one that I believe Bayer is actively working on through their innovative portfolio offerings that can help customers control costs.”

Meeting Needs in the Current Climate

MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Injection System is designed to set providers up for success — both in terms of the radiology services they provide and their operational metrics. At Windsong, unique features like smaller syringes and improved loading have improved the practice’s workflow, as well as their ability to keep costs down over time. “The enhanced design of the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Injection System made the decision to upgrade easy,” said An, noting the importance of reproducibility and that the injection system allows them to consistently inject contrast.

Windsong is far from alone in their need to choose equipment and services that align with their financial goals and challenges. An said that after working with the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Injection System firsthand he would recommend that other radiology practices make the switch.

“You should treat your patients like your own family, and I would want my family to have a study done with a MEDRAD Injection System versus any other injector,” said An. He noted that as Windsong continues to expand their services, they plan to rely on Bayer’s comprehensive portfolio to ensure they provide the best possible care at the most reasonable cost.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Contact your rep or visit StellantFLEX.com today to learn more about the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX CT Injection System and to find out how Bayer’s proactive approach to supporting your non-obsolescence can benefit your radiology practice’s bottom line.

For more information: www.stellantflex.com

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