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vRAD Upgrade Delivers Teleradiology to PDAs

vRAD Upgrade Delivers Teleradiology to PDAs

October 20, 2009 - Virtual Radiologic Corp. (NASDAQ:VRAD), a provider of teleradiology services and technology solutions, released vRad Enterprise Connect version 2.1, which enables clients to access the product solution on mobile PDAs, as well as use new transcription capabilities, known as vRad Scribe, in addition to the existing voice recognition technology.

Other improvements include augmented utilization reporting tools and more flexible user account management. vRad Enterprise Connect is provided via software as a service to help radiology practices grow their own business and profitability. vRad Enterprise Connect is already improving the productivity of clients at 30 medical facilities, with an additional 25 facilities under contract for deployment.

The primary objectives of the Company’s vRad Enterprise Connect clients are to improve patient care at the facilities they serve and to enhance the productivity of their practices. With the core approach of making existing RIS/PACS systems easier to use, vRad Enterprise Connect achieves these objectives by:

· Enabling radiologists to service multiple facilities from a single dynamic location.

· Load balancing study volume between radiologists based on geography, time of day, subspecialty and practice preference.

· Using a single system to efficiently access patient information across disparate RIS/PACS systems.

· Expanding practice capacity and subspecialty expertise via direct technology connection to Virtual Radiologic’s 135 affiliated radiologists as needed to meet total demand.

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