April 9, 2014 — vRad and AllegiantMD announced a strategic partnership that will enable both parties to offer localized radiology services with a national scale and service. This partnership will allow visionary healthcare organizations to integrate clinical radiology expertise with technology innovation and a commitment to quality patient care and fiscal responsibility. vRad and AllegiantMD will also collaborate and create innovative solutions in radiology informatics and analytics using combined resources.

AllegiantMD has a longstanding track record of excellence in providing hospital-based diagnostic and interventional radiology services, which is complemented by vRad’s experience as the nation’s leader in teleradiology services and radiology information system and analytics. vRad will be AllegiantMD’s teleradiology provider, giving clients access to their network of radiologists. vRad currently serves more than 2000 hospitals with more than 450 physicians, 75 percent of whom are sub-specialty trained. The companies will also leverage vRad’s 24x7 operations center and telemedicine study distribution platform that has been awarded 14 technology-based patents. AllegiantMD will be vRad’s onsite diagnostic and interventional partner to the clients they will jointly serve through this strategic relationship.

“AllegiantMD is committed to offering exceptional care to our patients and is an industry leader that provides superb clinical care with market-leading turnaround times and innovative customer service solutions,” said Ellis Norsoph, M.D., president and CEO of AllegiantMD. “We are expanding our relationship with vRad to deliver faster, more efficient radiology services and new analytic tools and insight to more local communities across the U.S. vRad shares our vision: as healthcare moves quickly towards an accountable care environment, radiology must become a strategic partner to be heard from, rather than a cost center to be managed.”

“Analytics are no longer an option; they’re a requirement. In value-based healthcare, you won’t get paid for quality if you can’t prove it. And you can’t prove it if you don’t measure it,” said Jim Burke, vRad’s CEO. “Because of our scale, we had to adapt sooner than most radiology practices. We spent the last two years creating data informatics tools because existing solutions in the marketplace did not provide the insight we needed. AllegiantMD shares our commitment to develop new methods to improve insight and make better decisions for our patients and the practice of radiology.”

For more information: www.vrad.com, www.allegiantmd.com

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