Technology | September 20, 2012

Viztek Opal CR II Now Available With Wall-Mounting Configuration

X-ray solution gaining rapid adoption at private practices and smaller care centers

Viztek Opal CR II  X-ray Accessories X-ray Systems Computer Radiograpy Systems

September 20, 2012 — Viztek, a digital imaging solution provider, announced the availability of a wall mounting kit for its small-footprint Opal computed radiography (CR) II X-ray system.  The wall-mounted configuration is ideal for a variety of healthcare settings including; cost-conscious private practices, small space environments, and facilities that are moving to digital for the first time, among many other examples.

Processing up to 73 plates per hour, the Opal-CR II is capable of field upgrades to increase the cassette scan rate. The CR also features Opal-Acquisition software and Symphony III post-processing software with grid suppression. The product now features an upgraded cassette that is designed to best accommodate vertical loads.

"We anticipate a significant increase in interest from private practices and other facilities with the small-footprint wall-mounting configuration," said Steve Deaton, vice president of sales for Viztek. "With this mounting capability, practices can place the Opal-CR II in very tight environments where a traditional CR solution would simply not work. Since its launch, the Opal-CR II has been proven in the field to provide clear images at fast speeds for busy practices. Mounting the unit in a control booth requires no additional construction or counter space loss. With wall mounting and a laptop, practices now have an unobtrusive solution that allows physicians and staff to operate at peak efficiency."

The CR weighs only 65 pounds and can be easily mounted to a wall surface in a similar fashion as required with flat-screen television installation. It can be purchased with Viztek's enterprise-level picture archiving and communication system (PACS), which features mobile device and tablet access and secure image archiving.

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