News | Digital Radiography (DR) | September 28, 2018

VCU Health Upgrades 18 Digital X-ray Systems With Carestream

In-room retrofits and new digital detectors added to mobile and room-based imaging systems that perform more than 150,000 imaging procedures each year

VCU Health Upgrades 18 Digital X-ray Systems With Carestream

September 28, 2018 — VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) Medical Center recently upgraded 18 Carestream digital X-ray systems that perform approximately 160,000 imaging procedures annually with Carestream DRX-1 in-room retrofits and the company’s DRX detectors. The upgrade included six DRX-Evolution systems, nine DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray systems and three room-based imaging systems. These imaging systems allow rapid access to patient images by VCU Medical Center’s orthopedic, pediatric, trauma, musculoskeletal and emergency room (ER) specialists as well as other physicians.

VCU Medical Center is the comprehensive care center of VCU Health located in downtown Richmond, Va.

Each DRX-Evolution imaging system contains an automated wall stand, a four-way floating table and is equipped with two DRX wireless detectors. Wireless detectors are easily pulled from the table Bucky and used for tabletop, cross-table and other orthopedic exams. Automated long-length imaging software provides the ability to automatically align and stitch vertebral and long-bone images together.

With nine DRX-Revolution mobile systems, VCU Medical Center’s technologists can quickly deploy the portable units throughout the ED, OR suites, inpatient units and other areas within the radiology department. The facility installed Carestream DRX-1 in-room retrofits on three existing imaging systems that are located in the pediatric ED and Nelson Clinic. Each retrofitted room has two DRX wireless detectors that can be used in the wall stand and table.  

The healthcare system is currently converting its existing gadolinium detectors to cesium iodide detectors that deliver better image quality and lower patient dose.

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