News | June 23, 2011

U.K.'s First Two TomoHD Systems Bring Radiotherapy to Birmingham

 June 23, 2011 — Cancer patients in the United Kingdom will soon have access to two of the world's most advanced radiotherapy treatment machines. The state-of-the-art TomoTherapy TomoHD treatment systems, to be installed at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, will be the first in the U.K. and Europe's first dual installation of TomoHDs. Oncology Systems Limited (OSL) is providing the machines, after money was raised in an ongoing capital appeal by the hospital's official charity and funds provided by the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

The two machines will be installed by the fall and the first patients will be treated before the end of 2011. Eight similar TomoTherapy HiArt radiotherapy treatment machines are already treating patients at selected hospitals in England.

The TomoHD treatment system is a combined radiotherapy machine and computed tomography (CT) scanner that delivers ultra-precise, targeted image-guided intensity modulated radiotherapy. It enables clinicians to create 3-D maps of the size and location of a tumor, plotting its exact contours and where it is in relation to sensitive tissue.

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