October 17, 2011 –– USARAD.com, the United States teleradiology company, announces the launch of its WorldRad.com division, which will service and position the company in the international marketplace. WorldRad.com will extend the company’s global reach, from Europe and Asia to the Middle East, South America and more, where it anticipates a major need for its services.

“Many countries worldwide are experiencing a situation similar to the U.S. 10 years ago, with a shortage of radiologists overall and an acute shortage of radiology subspecialists. In some countries, average report turnaround time is not minutes but weeks,” said Michael Yuz, M.D., MBA, CEO.  “American radiologists are highly regarded throughout the world and USARAD.com is already helping to fill the gap in such places as Russia, the Middle East and Latin America, where its board-certified U.S. radiologists are providing services on a the limited scale.  Now, with WorldRad.com, we plan to extensively support these markets in a formal fashion with radiologists who meet the specific administrative and licensing requirements and needs of each location.  Having proven our business model in the U.S., expanding overseas is the logical next step.”

WorldRad.com will be headed by the same management and utilize the same Radiology-On-Demand platform as USARAD.com.  An important goal of the new division will be to offer services at reasonable fees to address the needs of the local marketplace.  All reports will be translated and delivered in the client’s native language, as needed.

WorldRad.com will interface with both radiology practices and teleradiologists through an attractive, easy-to-use website presented in a choice of languages. Maintaining the same business practices that have brought USARAD.com its high degree of success in the United States, WorldRad.com will offer a full range of sub-specialty radiologists and its cloud based infrastructure.  The company will remain committed to delivering fast service, with STAT studies delivered within an average of 15 to 20 minutes.  The company will also be available to provide consultations and second opinions. 

Additional qualified radiologists are now being recruited for the WorldRad.com division to service countries where United States physicians are not licensed to provide primary reporting.  USARAD.com will not deviate from its model and will continue to service all of its United States clients with United States board-certified radiologists located within the US.

Streamlining communications, WorldRad.com will be supported by an advanced IT infrastructure that includes picture archive and communications systems (PACS), radiology information systems (RIS), workflow management, digital real-time dictation and transcription service, report distribution and cloud based storage, all running under a single convenient user interface.  The system is secure and fully HIPAA-compliant.

For more information: www.WorldRad.com



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