News | November 17, 2009

Spectral Imaging CT Assists Lesion Characterization

November 17, 2009 – Spectral imaging shows promise in characterizing small lesions and eliminating imaging artifacts caused by foreign objects in the body.

In its ongoing research to develop Gemstone Spectral Imaging, a technology designed to enhance CT's diagnostic capability, GE Healthcare is working with leading institutions, including Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, and Keio University in Japan.

One of the major clinical advantages researchers have found with spectral imaging is the ability to quantify and separate materials, such as calcium, iodine and water, enabling clinicians to better characterize lesions. These indeterminate lesions are most common in the abdomen region, such as the kidney, liver and lung, and when lesions cannot be accurately interpreted, additional testing, such as a PET or MR scan, is required to make a definitive diagnosis.

Spectral imaging uses two different energy levels to distinguish one type of tissue from another and offer additional anatomical and functional information that expedites a CT evaluation. Spectral imaging CT addresses issues related to poor contrast resolution of small abdominal lesions.

Another clinical advantage that Gemstone Spectral Imaging provides is reducing artifacts. It derives images as if they originated from a single energy source and removes the artifacts created by objects in the body, such as major bones and metallic implants used in joint and spinal surgery.

Gemstone Spectral Imaging is available as an option on Discovery CT750HD systems.

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