News | November 15, 2010

Specimen Radiography System for Biopsy Inspection

November 15, 2010 — For ease of operation and image detail in specimen radiography, the Xpert 40 is a self-contained, shielded cabinet X-ray system designed to meet imaging requirements for surgically excised tissue and stereotactic biopsies. The Xpert 40 can help eliminate scheduling conflicts in mammography and reduces time in surgery for intra-operative imaging of specimens.

The Xpert 40 provides high-resolution, high-contrast X-ray images, using either radiographic film, computed radiography (CR) or the Digiview line of digital detectors up to 8 by 8 inches (20 by 20 cm) in size. A small focal spot X-ray source and adjustable sample positioning provides the Xpert 40 with up to 5X magnification, increasing visibility and detail of the smallest abnormalities. An X-ray source of up to 50 kV and 1 mA provides easy penetration and eliminates the concerns of imaging dense surgical tissue in any specimen container.

The Xpert 40 has zero warm-up time, automatic exposure control (AEC), auto-calibration and the ability to send multiple images with annotations to picture archiving and communications systems (PACS). Included with the standard DICOM-compliant feature-rich software is a 3-D filter that adds a sharpness of detail for locating micro-calcifications or minute variations and subtle changes in density. The touchscreen monitor and mobile cart option make the Xpert 40 an easily maneuverable and user-friendly unit.

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