Technology | September 08, 2008

Siemens Connects Users with Wireless DR Detector

Siemens Healthcare has expanded its digital radiography portfolio with the addition of Ysio, a new generation digital radiography system with a wireless detector (wi-D) for maximum positioning flexibility.

Offering one digital radiography (DR) solution for the growing digital radiography market, the Ysio can be customized to suit the patient’s needs – such as one or two detectors, with or without a patient table, and with fully automated or synchronized movements. Due to its versatility, the Ysio serves radiography many imaging volumes, protocols and patient profiles, and its performance features are geared toward short examination times designed for increasing daily patient throughput.

Ysio is available in a variety of configurations based on customers imaging needs: as a wall stand with an integrated detector, a wall stand and table system with a wireless detector, or even as a mixed detector solution for high throughput and flexibility. Users can control workflow from registration to image data management with features like more than 500 automated system positions; power-assisted movements; table design with the wi-D; and a color touch screen panel.

The more than 500 different preset examination positions aims to save preparation time and effort. The wireless remote automatically moves the X-ray tube into position. The system can be configured to bypass room fixtures during its automated travel to the imaging position. Power-assisted servo movements help to further reduce the strain of heavy workloads while the collimation can be adjusted from anywhere in the room via remote control.

Ysio’s ergonomic table is designed for pediatrics and bariatrics, offering a 660-pound weight capacity and a low table height of 21 inches for convenient positioning when shifting sick or elderly patients from wheelchair to table.

The wi-D handles like a cassette and can be removed from the table and placed directly underneath or next to the patient for exposures that are difficult or impossible to take using a fixed detector.
Ysio also offers MaxTouch, an interactive, color touch screen user interface, which supports easy access to key technical factors during examinations. MaxTouch clearly displays easily recognizable icons for speed, accuracy, and access to a comprehensive range of options for adjustment. The detector matrix has more than 7 million pixels and a pixel size of 144 µm.

With DiamondView Plus, a post-processing function that optimizes image quality, the detail resolution of images is given a final polish of contrast enhancement and noise reduction. And Ysio’s comprehensive CARE radiation reduction program combines various advanced radiation reduction functions designed to keep exposure levels as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

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