News | September 29, 2008

Siemens’ Wireless DR Installed at U.K. Hospital

September 29, 2008 - Siemens Healthcare’s new Ysio wi-D unit, its wireless portable digital radiography (DR), system was installed in York Hospital in the U.K. where physicians have already started examining patients.

The system can be used in bucky, on the table and stand, or removed completely to be placed underneath or next to the patient. The new system is installed in the Emergency Department for front line trauma and orthopedic examinations.

The 35cm x 43cm wireless portable detector is designed to help radiographers acquire images from traditionally awkward situations, such as trolley trauma, lateral spinal work, standing feet and ankles and examinations using the erect bucky. The detector can be positioned under the patient, on trolleys or behind wheelchairs, reducing patient discomfort as they do not need to be moved onto the bucky table. Examination times have also been greatly reduced due to the image previews being delivered in 5 seconds. The system also means that radiographers do not need to leave the room to view images and can retake an X-ray instantly if required.

“The wireless detector is fantastic, enabling difficult images to be obtained easily, quickly and without putting the patient in severe discomfort,” states Susie Dick, advanced radiographer and team manager in Trauma and Orthopedic X-Ray at York Hospital. “Examination times have been dramatically reduced and the superb image quality is clearer and more detailed than before.”

Reportedly dose is reduced due to the comprehensive coverage the Ysio wi-D offers, making it possible to view a wide range of anatomical variations in one exposure. This has been seen in examinations of the lateral hip, where only one exposure, instead of two, is needed to acquire all necessary images, including that of the femoral shaft.

The system has been installed with DiamondView, an application for optimizing image quality through intelligent noise reduction and edge enhancement. Detailed contrast in bones, soft tissue and the skin line can be viewed for an entire body region, meaning radiographers can obtain images that were previously difficult to acquire.

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