News | Radiation Therapy | February 04, 2016

RAD Technology Patents Modular Cancer Treatment Facilities

Modular construction approach offers increased financial and technological flexibility in one-third the time of traditional construction methods

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February 4, 2016 — RAD Technology Medical Systems (RAD) has added a new patent to its expanding portfolio of modular building technologies for cancer treatment facilities. Issued by the United States Patent Office on Oct. 27, 2015, the patent protects specialized means and methods to construct high-energy radiation vaults. RAD also received a patent earlier in May 2015 on its Temporary Radiotherapy Vault (TRV).

The RAD approach is driven by three key values:

  • Time: The solutions offered by RAD can be delivered in one-third the time of traditional construction methods. This impacts patient accessibility to the latest care and gives institutions an edge over competitors looking to enter their market. RAD can install its TRV cancer facility and perform a radiation survey with its pre-commissioned linear accelerator (linac) in just five days.
  • Technology: The modular technology also provides significant value and flexibility. In traditional construction, both the shielding and machine requirements are cast into the concrete structure. RAD offers a component approach to equipment installation, facilitating future upgrades along with a shielding method that can be modified without the cost and disruption of expensive lead and high density block solutions.
  • Unique Financing: One of the most distinctive values is the financing approach the RAD solutions offer. A recoverable asset, without destructive demolition, can be treated as equipment or tangible personal property, allowing operational leases to be structured for large institutions not seeking to deploy capital or wishing to avoid further impairment of their balance sheets with debt.

New revenue opportunities can be stalled during the arduous and lengthy struggle to free up capital. With an off balance sheet lease made possible by RAD's patented modular technology, institutions can develop facilities and services, open new markets and start generating revenue within a few months without debt impairment, bypassing the months or years it otherwise takes for capital funding to be available.

According to The Lancet Oncology Commission's report presented at the 2015 European Cancer Congress in Vienna, Austria, low and middle income countries have 80 percent of the global cancer burden but only 5 percent of the resources for cancer control. This illustrates the potential international demand that may benefit from the patented RAD modular system.

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