News | Radiation Therapy | August 27, 2019

PTW to Feature New Dosimetry Technology at ASTRO 2019

Offerings will include QA equipment for MR-guided and stereotactic therapy

Beamscan MR 3D water phantom – the first 3-D water phantom for magnetic resonance (MR)-guided radiotherapy

August 27, 2019 — Radiation dosimetry company PTW announced plans to exhibit its full range of radiation therapy dosimetry solutions for acceptance, commissioning, beam data acquisition and patient-specific quality assurance (QA) at the 2019 American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) annual meeting, Sept. 15-19 in Chicago.

In its booth, PTW will exhibit and demonstrate its latest solutions and most recent product developments including:

  • Beamscan MR 3D water phantom – the first 3-D water phantom for magnetic resonance (MR)-guided radiotherapy, available in two ready-to-use models for Elekta Unity and ViewRay MRIdian;
  • Beamscan 3D water phantom – fast to set up and easy to use for all acceptance testing and commissioning needs, now also available for the Halcyon system;
  • Starcheck maxi MR array – a comprehensive solution for machine QA, from high-resolution measurements up to 40 cm x 40 cm in magnetic fields to legally required documentation;
  • MR-conditional detectors – a wide range of PTW's detector brands that are now available for MR dosimetry;
  • Octavius 4-D modular patient and machine QA systems – for the latest radiotherapy techniques, including Halcyon, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and MRgRT. Also introducing the Octavius Detector 1600 SRS for 3-D dose verification of complex SRS/SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy) treatment plans;
  • Ruby phantom – a new modular QA phantom with multiple inserts for comprehensive system QA, linear accelerator (linac) QA and patient QA;
  • microSilicon diode detector – the new silicon diode detector for small photon and all electron fields; and
  • Track-it 2.0 QA data management software – a versatile, web-based QA data management software that integrates QA data from different sources, devices and sites into a single platform.

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