Philips Medical Systems has introduced the 64-slice Precedence SPECT/CT system, which advances the capability of the platform by performing uncompromised cardiac imaging on patients who can benefit from the imaging procedure.
The Precedence 64-slice SPECT/CT can produce CT-based attenuation correction and perform advanced cardiac CT procedures such as calcium scoring and CTA in one episode of care, on one system. It can also produce SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging in half the time of conventional scanners.
“CT improves SPECT imaging on multiple levels,” said John Mahmarian, M.D., director of nuclear cardiology at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX. “For patients with normal myocardial perfusion scans, equivocal nuclear studies or abnormal myocardial perfusion scans, hybrid SPECT/CT can improve care tremendously by helping identify early disease states and clarify diagnostic ambiguity.”

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