Technology | August 15, 2012

Philips Introduces Solutions at AAPM 2012 to Simplify Workflow in Radiation Oncology

August 15, 2012 — Philips Healthcare showcased its advances in radiation treatment planning and computed tomography (CT) at the 2012 American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) annual meeting in Charlotte, N.C. Philips is offering new technology on its radiation treatment planning system, Pinnacle3, to address contouring issues.

Pinnacle3 auto-segmentation with SPICE (Smart Probabilistic Image Contouring Engine) streamlines the process to just a few clicks. It provides consistent contours in minutes and requires little or no editing, helping clinicians provide patients with enhanced targeted therapy. To address changes such as weight loss or tumor shrinkage, Philips now offers Dynamic Planning, which helps users assess whether the current treatment plan needs changing; allows adaptation of treatment to reflect anatomical changes and contours while taking into account the dose that has already been delivered; and automates workflow to maximize efficiency and automate process time. 

“Better data input means better data output. A holistic approach to radiation oncology that includes Dynamic Planning helps meet the needs of a busy department while allowing a commitment to patient care,” said Carl Rowbottom, Radiotherapy Physics Group, The Christie, Manchester, United Kingdom. “These tools will lead to truly individualized radiation treatment for patients.”

Image quality is important for contouring target volumes and critical structures in radiation therapy planning and helping to enhance accuracy and treatment while sparing healthy tissue. Finding the exact location of the target volume and clinical structures of a tumor is also critical. Supporting Pinnaclewith high quality images at low dose, Philips Brilliance CT Big Bore is designed for the unique needs of radiation oncology. The system is equipped with metal artifact reduction for orthopedic implants (O-MAR), which reduces artifacts caused by large orthopedic implants. It also features iDose4, Philips’ iterative reconstruction technique that improves image quality through artifact prevention and increased spatial resolution at low dose.

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