News | October 29, 2010

Philips to Display Womens Healthcare Solutions at RSNA 2010

October 29, 2010 – At RSNA 2010, Philips is highlighting several breast care systems, including imaging for mammography, ultrasound, MR and PET/CT, supported by leading-edge information management.

At the conference, the company will introduce the new advanced stereotactic option for MammoDiagnost DR. It allows for fast procedures with a minimum of image acquisitions which may lead to a lower X-ray dose. It also includes Unique image processing to help clinicians identify tiny microcalcifications and view breast tissue structures. A single-touch Eleva user interface allows clinicians to work faster and more confidently. The system is not available in North America.

The iU22 breast ultrasound system combines several technologies to deliver crisp, high-definition images to help clearly distinguish between normal and abnormal tissue.

Tissue aberration correction compensates for speed-of-sound variations to produce clear, detailed images even in women with dense or fatty breast tissue. Volume imaging with the VL 13-5 transducer provides clinicians with revealing information, including visualization of the C-plane. Clinicians can view target areas from any plane to better characterize the extent of breast masses. Elastography enables physicians to differentiate relative stiffness of tissue through sonographic examination using the L12-5 transducer and Advanced Breast tissue specific imaging (TSI) preset.

Clinical studies suggest that MRI may be helpful in breast care, particularly in imaging high-risk patients. The Achieva MRI with Philips Elite Breast features:

• MammoTrak dockable trolley support system includes breast coils that provide superb visualization of small lesions.

• SmartExam Breast delivers excellent, reproducible image quality – even in cases of silicone implants or surgery.

• DynaCAD Enterprise computer-aided imaging system lets clinicians access morphologic data and kinetic information to increase diagnostic confidence.

Nuclear medicine imaging (scintimammography) is an excellent tool for breast cancer diagnosis in patients with dense breasts or with large, palpable abnormalities that cannot be imaged well with mammography or ultrasound. The Gemini TF Big Bore PET/CT System combines Brilliance CT Big Bore capabilities with PET performance, helping clinicians make more accurate diagnoses and assessments.

The IntelliSpace Breast workstation features mammography, ultrasound and MRI studies to provide clinicians with a complete picture of multiple breast exams at a single workspace. Besides being multimodality, it’s also a multivendor workstation. It integrates MammoDiagnost VU, multimodality breast applications and DynaCAD on a single desktop.

Philips multimodality image-management system gives clinicians instant access to mammography, ultrasound and MR breast images at a personalized, interoperable desktop. iSite PACS interfaces with existing networks.

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