News | Proton Therapy | June 22, 2020

Orfit Aerial Couch Top for Proton Therapy Validated by Mevion Medical Systems

Mevion Medical Systems and Orfit Industries announced that the Aerial Couch Top is validated for use on the Mevion S250 Series Proton Therapy Systems.

June 22, 2020 —  Mevion Medical Systems and Orfit Industries announced that the Aerial Couch Top is validated for use on the Mevion S250 Series Proton Therapy Systems.

“Mevion is committed to providing customizable and complementary immobilization products to our customers and we are excited to partner with Orfit to add the Aerial Couch Top and accessories to our proton therapy systems,” said Ying Xiong, vice president of product management at Mevion Medical Systems.

The Aerial Couch Top combines precise and reproducible immobilization with homogeneity over the entire treatment area. With no rails or other obstructions below the extension, this recently US FDA cleared couch top minimizes the air gap, improving penumbra and plan quality. Aerial extensions are available for extracranial treatment and brain, head, and neck treatments when used with Orfit HP PRO masks. The use of 3-points single layer HP PRO masks can reduce target margins to 1 mm.

“The design of the Aerial is in line with the highest technical and safety standards, without being overly complex, so that it helps assure the best possible clinical outcome for patients. This couch top perfectly pairs with advanced proton therapy systems, such as MEVION S250i,” stated Emilie Cuypers, product manager radiation oncology at Orfit.

Together, we are pleased to make this entirely new couch top available as of September 2020 to current and future Mevion operated proton therapy centers.

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