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Built on Nuance diagnostic imaging solutions used by over 80% of radiologists and connecting more than 10,000 healthcare facilities, the AI-powered cloud platform delivers precision patient data and insights from screening through follow-up

November 28, 2021 — At the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) 107th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Nuance Communications Inc. launched the Nuance Precision Imaging Networ, an AI-powered cloud platform that delivers patient-specific data and insights from diagnostic imaging into existing clinical and administrative workflows across the healthcare ecosystem. Leveraging the scale of Nuance’s PowerScribe and PowerShare diagnostic imaging solutions, the Nuance Precision Imaging Network connects imaging stakeholders and facilitates the use of AI to inform precision diagnostics and therapeutics, increase physician efficiency, and lower overall healthcare costs.

The importance of diagnostic imaging is reflected in a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, which found that more than 80% of all hospital and health system visits included at least one imaging study. As a result, hospitals and health systems today spend an estimated $65 billion each year on diagnostic imaging related to more than 23,000 different conditions. By enabling the secure and efficient sharing of AI-enhanced diagnostic imaging information, the Nuance Precision Imaging Network augments clinical decision making, facilitates earlier detection and treatment of diseases when the chance for positive patient outcomes is greater, and enhances interpretation and workflow efficiencies for a wide array of physicians.

“Radiology and other diagnostic imaging stakeholders are seeking enterprise-wide platforms that enable us to bridge medical information silos and expand cloud-based access to imaging data to improve patient care, physician efficiency, and costs. The Nuance Precision Imaging Network is a systematic platform that integrates best-in-class AI-powered diagnostic models, task automation, clinical decision support, and patient-centered care team communication within familiar radiology and other clinical workflows. Using Nuance’s trusted cloud-based radiology solutions, the network helps radiologists and other physicians manage growing workloads while enabling them to apply the full potential of diagnostic imaging in patient care,” said Dr. Ryan Lee, chair of the department of radiology at Einstein Healthcare Network.

“Nuance recognizes that almost every patient story starts with a diagnostic image. The Nuance Precision Imaging Network is the only nationwide patient-centered diagnostic imaging platform that seamlessly delivers AI-generated patient information into the full array of clinical and administrative workflows across provider, payer, and life science use cases,” said Peter Durlach, chief strategy officer, Nuance. “By leveraging Nuance’s unmatched scale in diagnostic imaging built up over the past 25 years and a robust partner ecosystem, the Nuance Precision Imaging Network establishes a common cloud-based framework that enables all stakeholders to apply rapid advances in imaging AI to improve clinical outcomes, financial performance and efficiency across the entire patient journey from screening through follow-up.”

The Nuance Precision Imaging Network maximizes the effectiveness, efficiency, and value of diagnostic imaging by delivering meaningful, AI-generated, patient-centered data and insights to all key imaging stakeholders including:

  • Radiologists, who can enhance radiology efficiency and augment interpretation by automating repetitive and mundane tasks, receiving AI-powered worklist prioritization, integrated clinical decision support, and communications tools within existing workflows through trusted and familiar solutions.

  • Healthcare provider organizations, who can apply additional AI-generated insights from diagnostic imaging to support earlier diagnosis, inform treatment options and planning, and augment clinical decision-making.

  • Health plans and self-insured employers, who can improve payer-provider collaboration to address quality and cost and enhance care coordination using shared clinical data in support of better patient outcomes.

  • Life science companies, who can inform the use of precision therapeutics and companion diagnostics by qualifying patients eligible for life-enhancing treatment options and clinical trials more quickly and efficiently across the entire nation.

The Nuance Precision Imaging Network leverages best in class AI models from an array of partners and seamlessly integrates with existing picture archival communication systems (PACS), vendor neutral archives (VNA) and electronic health record (EHR) systems to maximize the value of existing healthcare IT infrastructure. It is available for customers to preview at the RSNA 2021 Annual Meeting Nov. 28 – Dec. 2, 2021. Those interested in learning more about the Precision Imaging Network should visit booth #3300 or contact us.

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