July 12, 2010 – A new beverage has been released that masks the taste of oral iodinated contrast used in abdominal study CT scans. Breeza, by Beekley Corp., was developed in response to industry requests for a beverage to deliver oral iodinated contrast that patients would find more palatable, enabling them to drink the entire volume within the allotted time.

“Breeza has provided a contrast delivery product that almost every patient has tolerated well and not gagged getting down. This provides for a much more complete study and our patients appreciate having something that tastes good,” said CT scan technologist Joseph Piadade of Halifax Regional Hospital in South Boston, Va. “Patients are able to drink according to our instructions and the colon is well contrasted during the scan. We have noticed a marked decrease in intolerance and patients have no problem drinking the required amount for the study being performed.”

Breeza is sugar-free and tropical-fruit-flavored, and is sold premixed and packaged in 16 oz under-filled bottles, to allow for addition of the oral iodinated contrast. Using Breeza is also meant to save time, since facilities will not have to mix powdered drinks, coax patients to drink, employ nasogastric tubes or need to rescan.

For more information: www.beekley.com

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