News | May 18, 2008

Monitoring, Data Mining Enhance Installed Base Performance

May 19, 2008 – GE Healthcare said it’s now utilizing remote monitoring and data mining techniques to continuously enhance system reliability, ease of use and uptime for its Innova family of interventional X-ray products.

According to GE, a key driver in this process is the Innova Promise, which comes standard with each X-ray system under warranty or service agreement. Innova Promise aims to provide proactive issue resolution and decreasing unplanned downtime. With 1,200 systems monitored, GEHC Engineering and Service teams receive performance characteristics over 125 parameters, several times per day. According to the company, this results in the collection of up to 375,000 data points daily; 2,625,000 weekly.

“Think of it as a large population clinical study,” said Amy Lazarus, general manager of GE Healthcare’s Interventional Service division. “Just as a larger patient sample size gives clinical data more credibility, we benefit from our large and expanding sample size. Because of the number of parameters measured over this large population, we are able to identify patterns and root causes much more quickly and accurately.”

This monitoring is designed to quickly gather device performance data used in developing installed base upgrades and new product designs.

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