Technology | June 16, 2009

MILabs Wins Two Contracts for Low-Dose SPECT/CT


June 16, 2009 – MILabs introduced at the Annual SNM meeting its novel U-SPECT/CT system, a Micro-SPECT system that is fully integrated with the MILabs high-throughput, low dose U-CT. The company also announced it has already contracted to install two U-SPECT/CT systems.

Delft University of Technology will upgrade their U-SPECT-II system to a U-SPECT/CT this summer. The University Medical Centre St. Radboud in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, has ordered to expand their small animal imaging facilities with U-SPECT/CT. The system will be used to perform research on new radiopharmaceuticals for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. For this research objective extremely low-dose studies will be performed with U-SPECT/CT.

Professor Otto Boerman, University Medical Centre St. Radboud said, "The new system provides very detailed molecular images, that will allow us to monitor fast tracer dynamics in sub-compartments of the tiny organs or tumors in a mouse or rat but also shows detailed tracer dynamics in the entire body."

According to MILabs, the integrated CT makes it possible to look at a wide range of isotopes and combinations of isotopes at the sub-half-mm resolution level and localize the tracers with the same accuracy in the anatomical framework provided by the fully integrated X-ray CT.

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