Technology | October 15, 2009

Merges Enables Patient Portal via FusionWeb

Today’s patients are more Web savvy and want to be involved in managing the care they receive. The FusionWeb Patient Access Portal* meets these high-level expectations by delivering a highly efficient way for patients to interact with their providers and simplify the care process. Powered by the new “zero-client” FusionWeb technology, The Patient Access Portal ensures that both clinician and patient save valuable time by eliminating time-consuming phone calls and cumbersome paperwork. Convenient and completely secure, patients can create a comprehensive, paperless dialogue with their providers to manage appointments, update records, send appointment reminders and deliver timely reports. No software or control installation is needed.

*Note that as to Work In Progress, Merge Healthcare is not legally obligated to develop or continue to develop such Works in Progress that may include the features and functionality described herein.

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