RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) will be showcasing the latest oncology software innovations at ASTRO 2022

October 25, 2022 — RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) will be showcasing the latest oncology software innovations at ASTRO 2022, to be held in San Antonio, October 23-25. Attendees can book demonstrations of RayStation* treatment planning system, RayCare* oncology information system, and RayIntelligence, the cloud-based oncology analytics system, in RaySearch’s booth 3785 during the congress. 

The latest versions of RayStation (12A) RayCare (6A) and RayIntelligence (2A) were released in June 2022. 

RayStation 12A** brings deep learning segmentation for all users, brachytherapy planning for Elekta afterloaders, as well as numerous enhancements throughout the system, including CyberKnife planning improvements. 

RayCare 6A brings multiple improvements to task management, treatment management, and the patient chart, including usability and efficiency upgrades such as user configured templates for selected workspaces. Version 6A also offers improved connectivity with other hospital information systems, allowing users to access information regarding delivered treatment fractions in their preferred system. 

RayIntelligence is an innovative cloud-based oncology analytics system which empowers cancer centers to reach new levels of personalized care through insights based on clinical data. The latest version, (2A) provides support for importing DICOM data from other systems, which allows the clinics to pool and analyze data from different sources alongside RayStation data. 

Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch, says: “We are excited to being back on site at ASTRO to meet partners and existing and new customers to showcase the latest innovations with our products. Among other things, we are proud to highlight promising innovations within online adaptive together with our partner Accuray, as well as presenting our new partnerships with Leo Cancer Care and GE HealthCare.” 



ARTemis1, RaySearch’s and Accuray’s latest joint innovation project within online adaptive, will leverage RayStation’s capability for automated adaptive replanning, RayCare’s powerful clinical workflow management tools and the Accuray ClearRT imaging to facilitate the development of an optimized solution for online adaptive therapy. A joint preview of ARTemis will be showcased by RaySearch and Accuray. 

Leo Cancer Care 

Together, the combination of RayCare, RayStation and Leo Cancer Care’s solutions will provide a safe, efficient, and fully integrated platform for upright radiation treatments. The technology seeks to improve patient and clinician experience, which will be further solidified by the addition of the well adopted treatment planning solution from RaySearch. Visit the RaySearch (3785) and Leo Cancer Care (4570) booths for more information. 

GE HealthCare 

GE HealthCare and RaySearch aim to combine RaySearch’s advanced treatment planning system RayStation with GE HealthCare’s leading multi-modality (CT/MR/molecular imaging) simulator systems to make cancer treatment faster and more precise. 

Several key advances have also been made together with RaySearch partners IBA, Mevion Medical Systems, Canon Medical Systems, as well as other collaboration partners. Visit the RaySearch booth 3785 to find out more! 

RaySearch’s Scientific Contribution at ASTRO 2022 

Poster Presentation: ePoster, number 3294 

Session: Poster Q&A 10 - Physics 

Title: Implications of Including Tumor Presence Probabilities as Weights in Radiotherapy Optimization 

Collaboration: Royal Institute of Technology, KTH 

Presenter: Ivar Bengtsson, RaySearch Laboratories (contact person) 

Co-author: Albin Fredriksson, RaySearch Laboratories 

For more information: www.raysearchlabs.com 


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