News | Remote Viewing Systems | December 05, 2019

InteleConnect EV provides anytime, anywhere secure access to patient orders, images and reports in real-time

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December 5, 2019 — Intelerad reports that monthly usage of its remote medical image viewing portal InteleConnect EV portal for referring physicians and clinicians has increased twofold since the beginning of the year, reaching nearly 100,000 active monthly users, as well as over 780,000 total visitors in the past two years. New enhancements and optimizations to the secure, zero-footprint portal have proven popular with the rapidly expanding user base.

InteleConnect EV provides anytime, anywhere secure access to patient orders, images and reports in real-time, from desktop or mobile web browsers or a streamlined iOS app. Agnostic in terms of data source as well as platform, the universal clinical viewer is optimized for high performance and streams data directly from VNAs/archives using DICOM Web (QIDORS/WADO-RS). Clinicians and referrers rely on InteleConnect EV to access diagnostic-grade images as well as enhanced image manipulation tools. The solution requires no training or software installation.

“InteleConnect EV is an extremely scalable solution, designed and optimized to provide high performance and reliability at high volumes,” said Rick Rubin, Chief Engineering Officer for Intelerad. “The explosive and ongoing growth in InteleConnect EV adoption is a testament to our continued success in building world-class viewers and maintaining the fast and flexible access to data that patient-centric care teams require on a continuous basis.”

InteleConnect EV features a real-time patient activity dashboard, specialized workflows, secure instant messaging and push notifications. In addition, it provides valuable insight into an organization’s referrer base through built-in analytics. By embracing the modern operational practice of DevOps, Intelerad is able to continually evolve InteleConnect EV with new features and optimizations based on user feedback, providing customers immediate and ongoing benefits. One such optimization and benefit is EV's smart streaming, powered by machine learning to improve load balancing and image streaming from servers with the best bandwidth.

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