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Guerbet Segments Consumables in Two Essential and Excellence Ranges

Guerbet shows its commitment to healthcare professionals with two ranges of consumables selected for their injection solutions

Guerbet shows its commitment to healthcare professionals with two ranges of consumables selected for their injection solutions

June 29, 2020 — Guerbet has launched a new "" website presenting its Essential and Excellence ranges of consumables for use with injection solutions and tailored for diagnostic imaging professionals.

Essential certified by Guerbet is a range of easy-to-use consumables certified by Guerbet and supplied by manufacturers selected by the company. They are all tested and approved according to Guerbet quality standards and comply with medical devices regulations. 

Excellence designed by Guerbet is a range of consumables designed from Guerbet research offering innovative1 safety features and improving the workflow of injection procedures.

"We have segmented our consumables in two clearly identified Essential and Excellence ranges to make it easier for healthcare professionals to reach decisions. All our consumables are compatible with our CT, Cath Lab and MRI injection systems and benefit from our commitment to delivering safe, high-quality solutions crucial for improving patient prognosis and quality of life," said Valérie Brissart, Global Marketing Director of CT and Cath Lab Imaging Solutions at Guerbet.

Both ranges of consumables offer syringes and kits, patient lines, day-sets, tubing and accessories for each of the Guerbet power injectors: OptiVantage Multi-use, OptiVantage Single-use, Illumena Néo, FlowSens, OptiStar Elite, OptiOne.

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