Technology | July 12, 2011

First U.S. Installation of Uroskop Omnia Urology Table from Siemens

July 12, 2011 – Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Texas, recently became the first facility in the U.S. to install Siemens’ Uroskop Omnia, the new multifunctional workstation for urology. The workstation’s new dynamic flat detector technology allows the urologist to cover the entire urinary tract – kidney, ureter and bladder (KUB) – with just one exposure and in excellent image quality.

The product supports a variety of clinical applications, including transurethral and percutaneous urological interventions, urologic diagnostics and even gastroenterological cases. “The Uroskop Omnia table allows for more accurate diagnostic imaging,” said Bradley D. McIver, M.D., Shannon Clinic urologist. “I can collect superior X-ray imaging as well as video imaging during procedures. It brings a whole new experience to urology and patient care.”

With the table and its flat detector size of 43 x 43 cm (17 x 17 in), users no longer need to acquire and read two images to cover the complete KUB area. The large field-of-view (FoV) enables a real KUB image with a single exposure, translating to reduced examination time and reduced patient dose compared to standard image intensifier systems.

Additionally, the system’s resolution of more than 2800 x 2800 pixels exceeds that of standard image intensifier systems. The table also allows for digital RAD images, eliminating the need for cassettes.

Uroskop Omnia’s curved X-ray column offers free patient access from all four sides, a feature unique to the market. Regardless of the type of examination, the urologist need not reposition the patient, and the anesthesiologist can always stay in place. The curved X-ray column also allows for a highly ergonomic position for the staff during patient procedures. Moreover, the system design allows the user to lower the table to a greater degree, enabling easier, ergonomic patient transfer.

The HD VideoManager provides various interfaces and features to facilitate working with the system. The physician can connect a high definition (HD) endoscopy or ultrasound device or a picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) viewer to display images side-by-side with X-ray or fluoroscopy. The VideoManager also offers additional output for extra monitors – a key feature for teaching or presentation purposes. HD endoscopy and ultrasound images can be stored with X-ray images in one patient file as Dicom images, thanks to HD EndoStore.

Uroskop Omnia also offers an optional, patient-soothing MoodLight element based on LED technology. The customer can select individual colors or smooth color transitions.

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