News | Biopsy Systems | August 25, 2016

Dune Medical Devices Awarded Prestigious Grant to Bring Biopsy System to Market

Soft tissue biopsy system will help radiologists and surgeons characterize tissue abnormalities in real time

August 25, 2016 — Dune Medical Devices has been selected as one of the few recipients of a European Union Horizon 2020 research grant to spur development of its biopsy system. The 80 billion euro, seven-year program is aimed at securing Europe’s global competitiveness.

Out of more than 1,167 applications in the small and medium (SME) instrument category, Dune Medical Devices is one of only 65 companies that will receive funding through the program.

“This three million euro grant will expedite bringing our soft tissue biopsy system to the market,” says Dan Hashimshony, CEO and Founder of Dune Medical. “It will provide radiologists and surgeons immediate graphic characterizations of tissue abnormalities along the tip of the biopsy needle, just before samples are taken. This real-time insight can help reduce the time to a definite diagnosis and repeated biopsies. Our proprietary biopsy device can also be used in combination with other existing devices.”

The first commercial product based on Dune Medical’s proprietary radio frequency (RF) spectroscopy technology was the MarginProbe. It has been helping surgeons ensure clean margins in lumpectomy procedures since 2013. Based on that success, the company is expanding on its RF spectroscopy platform to develop the next-generation product that will help surgeons perform biopsies.

The new product will expand Dune’s surgical oncology portfolio to include a soft tissue biopsy system with its first indication in breast tissue.

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