News | Flat Panel Displays | June 18, 2019

Double Black Imaging Announces Expanded Display Line and Ergonomic Workstation Solutions

Company features new clinical and diagnostic displays from 3MP to 8MP, customized desk solutions

Double Black Imaging Announces Expanded Display Line and Ergonomic Workstation Solutions

The DBI CL8MPS from Double Black Imaging

June 18, 2019 — Double Black Imaging (DBI) and their Image Systems Division are releasing their new clinical and diagnostic display lines ranging from 3MP to 8MP in resolution. DBI’s new clinical offering includes their new 27-inch 8MP Clinical LED backlit display. The DBI CL8MPS includes a front sensor for auto-DICOM calibration, and is specifically designed for use in clinical review areas, for modality imaging or as a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) worklist display. This 27-inch 8MP unit features a 350 cd/m2 peak luminance, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and HDMI and Display Port inputs.

Double Black Imaging’s newest diagnostic displays, the next-generation N series and Gemini Series LED backlit display solutions, feature higher luminance and contrast ratios, enhanced viewing of multimodality images and integrated Hybrid Gamma Correction (HGC). Next-gen displays include 3, 4, 5.2, 6 and 8.8MP solutions, with the 5.2MP and 8.8MP displays cleared for breast imaging, including tomosynthesis.

All PACS and breast imaging displays from Double Black Imaging are equipped with built-in front sensors for hands-free automatic DICOM 3.14 calibration, as well as backlight sensors and ambient light sensors to maintain stability and accuracy over time. The CFS Calibration Software Suite for remote calibration, conformance, report generation and non-conformance alerts via the web is included with all DBI diagnostic displays.

The inclusive CFS Productivity toolkit consists of several utilities designed to improve user workflow, enhance visual clarity and reduce distraction, ultimately diminishing visual strain.  The CFS toolkit increases cursor movement efficiency while minimizing hand strain, fatigue and frustration. The toolkit is adjustable by user and application. CFS toolkit features include:

  • PinPoint – enables the user to concentrate on key areas of interest;
  • AutoDim – eliminates distractions and eye strain from bright neighboring monitors;
  • Cursor Genie – saves time and the frustration of a user’s cursor getting stuck in the corners of a display;
  • Cursor Wrap – allows the user to quickly move between screens in a multi-display environment, reducing hand strain; and
  • Cursor Locator – rapidly locates the cursor and allows the user to return to work quickly without frustration

In addition to displays, DBI is focusing on personalizing solutions for the radiology reading room.  Double Black Imaging will partner with providers for an individualized consultation to customize a solution that will improve their health and increase productivity. DBI enhances the ergonomic experience by ensuring the user is paired with the correct workstation, allowing the individual to sit, stand or recline with the push of a button. Eye strain reduction, ambient noise absorption and comfortable air circulation are a few of the features DBI offers to customize a desk for each individual. Double Black Imaging is able to provide a comprehensive workstation by combining high-quality displays, CPUs, desks and space planning.

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