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November 14, 2013 — DICOM Grid, a provider of cloud-based medical image exchange solutions, announced the world-wide availability of DG Revenue Engine, a service designed to turbo-charge patient portals for second opinions.
DG Revenue Engine makes it easy for patients to upload complex medical images and associated reports, and to authorize credit card payments to seek second opinions from providers.
“Our mission is to provide world-class care to those in need, regardless of geography,” said Stephen Papadopoulos, chief medical officer, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix. “DG Revenue Engine transformed our patient outreach,”
The Barrow Neurological Institute, a neurology and spine surgery center, saw an increase in second opinion referrals in the first month of using DG Revenue Engine. Within 30 days of implementation, approximately 20 percent of online referrals resulted in new surgeries, many of them for out-of-state patients.
“Our volume is quite high — a good problem to have,” said Papadopoulos.
“DG Revenue Engine allows the entire patient request form to be completed online and eliminates the inconvenient and slow process of sending images in the mail,” said Morris Panner, CEO, DICOM Grid.
Payment service integration also gives providers the option to require credit card information prior to processing patient requests for second opinions. With this functionality, DG Revenue Engine becomes not only a convenient service, but also a revenue source for organizations by driving qualified second opinion candidates.
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