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Themed Blog Series
Lying chest down, head turned to the side, breast suspended through a cutout in the table, women can routinely get a mammogram with computed…
breast density, computed tomography
Providers under pressure to deliver low-dose, routine computed tomography (CT) can pick from the best deals ever. Want a spectral or dual-energy CT…
Dual-energy scanning
They were once the kings of computed tomography (CT) — 16-slice scanners that hinted at coronary CT angiography; 64 slicers that delivered it. Today…
CT, Greg Freiherr
More than one in three computed tomography (CT) sites surveyed by The Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) could be subject to a 5…
Aquilion Prime, radiation dose
The heady days of computed tomography (CT) — when 64-slice scanners drove sales to an all-time high — seems like ancient history. Hard to believe it…
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