News | Advanced Visualization | October 11, 2016

ContextVision Introduces Extended OEM Tuning Tool for GOPView XR2Plus Image Enhancement

Add-on offers greater fine tuning flexibility for imaging parameters and image processing quality

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October 11, 2016 — ContextVision’s GOPView XR2Plus image enhancement solution for digital radiography enables excellent image quality results, great durability and robustness in daily use. The software enables a fast and precise workflow by making images easier to read. This is achieved by adaptive enhancement of structures in the image and simultaneous suppression of noise.

The OEM Tuning Tool offers X-ray system manufacturers flexibility in parameter optimization to satisfy various preferences, empowering their offer to the end-user. It provides the utmost in tuning flexibility and image processing quality, according to the company. This will guarantee competitiveness to the OEM by providing flexibility to react quickly to fine-tune the image processing parameters after a system modification.

GOPView XR2Plus and OEM Tuning Tool provide:

  • Intelligent noise suppression;
  • Superior edge and contrast enhancement; and
  • Effective latitude compression.

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