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Clinical Images and Reports Now Available on Mobile Devices

November 27, 2011 – Siemens Healthcare has launched five new mobile solutions that help provide imaging specialists and referring physicians with secure access to diagnostic images and reports, both inside and outside the hospital. syngo.via WebViewer enables fast viewing of images with stunning graphics and syngo.via WebReport provides secure access to reports and images anywhere. Both syngo.via WebViewer and syngo.via WebReport are available for download from the App Store and are designed to operate on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition to these advanced visualization solutions, Siemens has unveiled syngo Workflow Mobile, which delivers radiology information system (RIS) capabilities for technologists and radiologists to a variety of mobile devices and syngo Dynamics Mobile, which allows cardiovascular imaging specialists to extend their access to image and report review beyond the workstation to Internet-enabled devices; and syngo.plaza virtualized, which brings the acclaimed functionality and user interface of syngo.plaza to PC or Apple computers and mobile devices, even those operating on lower bandwidth networks such as 3G.

syngo.via WebViewer

In large hospital settings where examination rooms, reading rooms, treatment rooms and patients are located in different parts of the hospital campus, syngo.via WebViewer is an excellent solution to access rendered medical images. Physicians can read diagnostic images with a Web browser on a diagnostic grade monitor and view general images for non-diagnostic purposes on a selection of mobile devices.This creates the opportunity to explain a diagnosis or discuss a potential treatment plan wherever the patient is located and simultaneously share the information with fellow physicians in other departments. Data security is optimized since the product uses industry standard SSL technology for all communications on the network. syngo.via WebViewer supports 2-D and 3-D images from computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), secondary capture
images and digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM)-encapsulated PDFs.

syngo.via WebViewer was developed by HipGraphics, Inc., Towson, Md., and leverages Siemens proven syngo user interface to provide access to 3-D images with remarkable speed. The real-time processing speed, performance and high image quality are possible through a server equipped with three NVIDIA Tesla M2070Q graphics processing unit (GPU) modules. syngo.via WebViewer uses the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture in conjunction with the server for processing data reconstructions. The application combines innovative software design with this multi-GPU visual computing system to solve the challenges posed by complex computing and its graphical rendering requirements. The result is that syngo.via WebViewer does not downsample the image data while rendering — the images are displayed using the full resolution at all times.

syngo.via WebReport

As syngo.via WebReport can be launched with a Web browser or on a selection of mobile devices, referring physicians inside and outside the hospital are able to share diagnostic reports and key images through a secure internet connection. With just one click, cross-department physicians and referring physicians can immediately review disease-specific diagnostic reports and syngo.via interim reports as well as view 2-D and 3-D images while connected to hospital networks. General practitioners can show the images to their patients at the point of care. syngo.via WebReport supports a wide array of DICOM 3.0 multimodality image types, including computed tomography (CT), digital X-ray, nuclear medicine, secondary capture images, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron-emission tomography, and DICOM encapsulated PDFs.

syngo.via WebReport  was developed by Calgary Scientific Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Patient data is not stored on an external computer or device, but remains securely on the server within the hospital and is optimally protected by secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and firewall. Through context-sensitive access and HIPAA-enabled access, physicians and referrers can access their patients’ records only.

syngo Workflow Mobile

syngo Workflow Mobile now gives technologists and radiologists the ability to access respective portals on popular mobile tablets. Technologists can access syngo  Portal Technologist on a mobile tablet, allowing them to focus on patient care and giving them the ability to more easily capture patient and study information. With syngo Portal Radiologist available on a mobile tablet, radiologists can sign-off on their radiology reports with just a few clicks and have the same type of access to their reports as they would to their emails.

syngo Dynamics Mobile

The recently announced syngo Dynamics Mobile solution allows cardiovascular imaging specialists to extend access to image and report review beyond the workstation to Internet-enabled devices that support Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. The syngo Dynamics Mobile user-friendly login and study list enables users to easily navigate through images and reports allowing for bedside review and consultation with healthcare providers and patients. Through the use of the smart technology interactive display, users of syngo DynamicsMobile will be able to transition between images and size reports for
a personalized review.

syngo.plaza virtualized

syngo.plaza takes advantage of a virtualized environment to deliver imaging studies for communication and consultation purposes (not for diagnostic use) on mobile devices, even those operating on lower bandwidth networks such as 3G. This is dependent on the availability of a mobile device viewer for the virtualization product. In an era where imaging centers and hospitals are looking to provide high-quality care for more patients, an application like syngo.plaza helps radiologists and clinicians to expand their services to virtually any location, all while having access to the acclaimed functionality of syngo.plaza.

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