News | Radiation Therapy | August 04, 2016

CIVCO Highlights Comprehensive Motion Management Solutions for Radiation Oncology at AAPM 2016

universal couchtop

CIVCO Medical Solutions, a provider of comprehensive motion management solutions for radiation oncology, exhibited its latest innovations and product offering to attendees of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 58th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., in July.

The Universal Couchtop Long Extension (UCT LE) provides seamless imaging and treatment planning with dosimetrically matched couchtops that feature a large, junction-free and artifact-free treatment area. CIVCO's Body Pro-Lok SBRT bridges attach directly to the unique profile of the couchtop, enabling a seamlessly integrated SBRT immobilization platform. Seven additional extension options are available for treating many other disease sites.

The innovative C-Qual M Breastboard is indexable for efficient, accurate setups and features an enhanced bottom stop that comfortably supports the patient. The new Monarch Overhead Arm Positioner is designed to match body contours for optimal arm support and includes dual function hand grips allowing for enhanced wrist comfort and increased positioning options. These new innovations are made from image-friendly materials that are compatible with multiple treatment imaging modalities.

The Body Pro-Lok ONE SBRT Immobilization System allows for customized setups for varying patient sizes utilizing only one bridge. This advanced bridge design features variable height adjustment, and lateral and tilting offset capabilities that enable the bridge and plate to adapt to the patient's natural posture and body type. The bridge secures directly to the Universal Couchtop, eliminating the need for overlays and ensuring equivalent setups between CT and treatment.

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