News | August 06, 2010

Bunkerless Self-Shielded Radiotherapy Device Gets Patent

August 6, 2010 - A self-shielded radiotherapy device, which does not requiring a traditional bunker (vault) for operation was issued a U.S. patent 7,758,241 .

Orbital Therapy’s innovative approach integrates the shielding directly into the design of the machine and eliminates the need for a costly bunker. This reduces the total installation cost, allows the operator to remain in the room with the patient, and protects the patient from unwanted radiation, thus minimizing the chance for long term complications.

The company is using this breakthrough integrated shielding technology in a novel device to treat breast cancer patients with external beam radiation. The patient is positioned in the prone (face down) position. This increases the separation of the target from the rest of the patient, and virtually eliminates motion caused by breathing.

The clinician will have full 360 degree access to the breast with a programmable horizontal beam, allowing for modern treatment techniques to be delivered ranging from stereotactic to whole breast irradiation.

“An old joke in engineering is: Better, Faster, Cheaper: pick two," said Alan Sliski, CTO of Orbital Therapy. "This is a rare instance where we are able to do all three.”

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