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Blog | RSNA 2015 | December 14, 2015

Trends in Radiology at RSNA 2015

As one of the largest medical shows in the world, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2015 meeting had a lot of ground to cover, so here is a summary of the key trends and new technology.

Watch a video wrap up of the key trends and technologies from RSNA 2015. ITN contributing editor Greg Freiherr and myself share what we saw and offer some analysis.

Watch the video Editor's Choice of the Most Innovative New Technology at RSNA 2015. This is my recap on some of the most interesting new imaging technologies displayed that may offer a glimpse into the future standards of care.

The imaging advancements in the above videos include new MRI software to enable faster and more efficient cardiac and lung exams; new and innovative point of care pocket ultrasound platforms; advancements in premium ultrasound, including artificial intelligence, 3-D low-velocity organ perfusion and improved image quality; CT advances; and a cool new way to visualize 3-D datasets in true, high-quality 3-D.

A major overarching trend observed was the rise of enterprise imaging and the movement away from disparate PACS. This movement has gained a lot of momentum due to healthcare reform and the need for centralized repositories for patient data and images that enable greater access to the data.

Watch the video Creating an Enterprise Imaging System, an interview with Kim Garriott, principal consultant, Logicalis Inc., and Jef Williams, COO, Ascendian Healthcare Consulting.

Watch the video Trends in Digital X-ray at RSNA 2015. This is an interview with Lori Webb, BAAS, RT, MDbuyline analyst, covering new digital radiography (DR) technology introductions and trends.

Watch the video on the latest Ultrasound Trends and New Technology at RSNA 2015. This is an interview with Jon Brubaker, MBA, RCVT, ultrasound technology analyst, MDbuyline, on the current trends and new technology entering the market for ultrasound.

For a review of technology displayed on the expo floor by modality, visit the ITN RSNA FastPass microsite.


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