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Best Medical Expands Radiation Therapy Offers With New Acquisitions

 Best Medical Expansion Radiation Therapy Acquisitions


April 8, 2013 — TeamBest companies are planning for a major expansion by diversifying its area of expertise and product lines, to meet the growing demands of an increasing and aging population. Earlier this year, Best Medical International (BMI) purchased Envisioneering Medical Technologies’ assets including TargetScan Touch, an ultrasound based stereotactic biopsy guidance and tumor localization system. TargetScan data can be used to generate a predictive model of tumor locations and provide for micro-invasive curative techniques using EBRT (external beam radiation therapy) or brachytherapy or combination. Because of its ability to target and record biopsy locations the TargetScan Touch can provide for prostate cancer management protocols such as active surveillance and focal therapy. The acquisition of Envisioneering’s assets is part of TeamBest’s commitment to offer "Total Solutions for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer." This enhances the BMI portfolio of brachytherapy products, such as gold, iodine, iridium and palladium seeds and accessories for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment for the best possible clinical outcome. BMI now is the only company in the world providing these complete and comprehensive solutions for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

One of the TeamBest companies, Best NOMOS, invented the technology known as IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy), and it is the global standard for treating cancer patients. Best NOMOS continues to invest millions of dollars annually to expand and upgrade these and other technologies to be in the forefront of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Recently, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has provided marketing approval for Best Iodine seeds for breast tumor localization for more accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment. With a continued emphasis on Best Total Solutions, TeamBest will offer a complete range of products for comprehensive cancer management, from brachytherapy, external beam teletherapy, and proton to carbon, particle therapy. Presently TeamBest companies are bidding on projects worth $500 million or more, globally.

Best Vascular, another TeamBest company, manufactures the Novoste Beta-Cath System, an intravascular brachytherapy device used by cardiologists to treat in-stent restenosis in coronary arteries. Best Vascular is the only company in the world providing this unique life saving technology and it continues to pursue clinical research and trials for other indications.

Best Cure Foundation was established in 2007 to make quality healthcare and education affordable and accessible globally. The CURE Institute of Health Physics, a division of Best Cure Foundation, a non-profit organization, has been established to help train and assist those providing services in Medical and Non-medical (Industrial) enterprises.

TeamBest continues to provide Best Fellowships to residents and other medical professionals to attend medical conferences and workshops in their area of expertise.

TeamBest recently formed another new company, Best Dosimetry Services, to provide personnel dosimetry services for medical and non-medical workers handling hazardous materials.

One of TeamBest's new companies is Best NDT (Non Destructive Testing), which offers a wide range of products globally for the oil and gas pipeline industry such as isotopes, pipe crawlers, cameras and other devices and accessories, including quality assurance and quality control products.

USA and Canada alone will spend nearly $10 to $15 billion per month over the next two decades in oil and gas exploration, infrastructure, production and distribution. Kitsault Energy, established in 2013, is planning for a dedicated energy corridor/natural gas pipeline from North East British Columbia (Canada), Fort Nelson to Kitsault Resort (one of TeamBest companies), Energy Export Terminal and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Facility at Kitsault, BC Canada. This is a multi phase program, spanning 8 to 10 years. The first phase is expected to cost $5 billion, the second phase $5 billion, third phase $10 billion, and the fourth phase will be approximately $10 to $15 billion.

The Best Global Talent Agency was established recently to meet the growing need of various industries for a highly trained and skilled labor force, and to provide training to Aboriginal First Nations Communities and others for these high paying jobs.

There are other expansion plans, all of which require huge investments and the need for highly trained and skilled staff. TeamBest has grown from a few employees to more than 500 employees with several offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and India and continue to add more new staff every month. TeamBest is investing $10 million or more every year in new product development, clinical research and trials. TeamBest plans to continue this for quite some time to expand the product portfolio globally.

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