News | Flat Panel Displays | March 08, 2017

Barco Adds New Workflow Enhancement Features to Diagnostic Display Systems

Radiologists can now invert grayscales, better segment images and adjust brightness on multiple monitors simultaneously

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March 8, 2017 — Healthcare imaging specialist Barco has expanded its diagnostic display toolset for a more intuitive workflow with new features to support radiologists with their increasingly busy and demanding workload. The new additions were developed to increase visibility of subtle details and better control the reading environment.

Barco’s SpotView is used to highlight a specific area of interest by creating a focal spot in the image, especially helpful when viewing pediatric extremities, breast calcifications and chest images. Now, with SpotView Invert, it is possible to invert the grayscales, reversing whites and blacks inside the spot. This makes some fine details even more visible. Combined with SpotView Mag, which makes the details inside the spot twice as large, radiologists will be able to see the tiniest details, faster.

Another addition is SpotView Align, which provides additional shapes (a bar or V-shape) to segment the image for review. The bar shape can be used across multiple studies or across multiple images, when comparing mammograms with priors, for example. The bars can be rotated for angled segmentation.

The V-shape is ideal for custom, methodical mammography screening. It can be rotated to align with the chest wall in mammography images and help compare the symmetry of structures. The bar width and angle can be customized. SpotView Align works together with SpotView Invert and SpotView Mag for an even more optimized workflow.

Another improvement was made to the DimView feature. DimView reduces peripheral ambient light from auxiliary displays during reading sessions. Now it’s possible to link multiple non-diagnostic displays at the radiologist’s workstation and have them dimmed simultaneously. In order to fully control the reading environment, Barco also allows users to adjust the luminance of the worklist displays, even for non-Barco displays.

All features can be controlled with the Barco touchpad. It integrates custom swipe motions and standard mouse functions for a more ergonomic and more fluent workflow. Powered by Barco’s MXRT display controllers, built on AMD FirePro hardware, the new tools bring enhanced productivity and workflow, and improved visibility.

Barco demonstrated the new features at the 2017 European Congress of Radiology (ECR), March 1-5 in Vienna, Austria.

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