In a live interview with California radio station KNCO, Rob McAllister asked Cristen Bolan, editor of Imaging Technology News magazine, how the publications chose the criteria for selecting the Five Women’s Centers to Watch in 2007, an article that recently appeared in a Special Report in Imaging Technology News (ITN) and Outpatient Care Technology News (OPCT).
“We had four criteria that included innovation, operational efficiency, customer service and teamwork,” said Bolan. “I think the overwhelming theme in this article is that most of the leading breast imaging centers had digital records and the latest technologies – CAD, stereotactic systems and breast for ultrasound. The centers that had the most cutting-edge technology usually had the rest of the criteria as well.”
One of the top five centers selected was Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley, CA, the region where KNCO is based. The hospital stood out for its use of technologies such as MR for breast, ultrasound biopsy, digital stereotactic and spot imaging, as well as operational efficiency through electronic health records. A key aspect qualifying the center for the nomination was its involvement in the community, providing critical educational and emotional support by coordinating care between surgeons, the cancer center and support groups.
“Another important factor was customer service. Because of the nature of the disease, it requires a very personalized service and the atmosphere in the Center has to have a warm and welcoming appeal – it is much more of a comforting environment,” noted ITN’s editor.
In response to McAllister’s query into how the hospitals and centers were nominated, Bolan gave the credit to the readers of ITN and OPCT. “We sent out information to our readers, who are Radiologists and Radiation Oncologists, and they nominated the best centers,” said Bolan. “It was the combination of innovative technology and the best service followed by teamwork and operational efficiency.”

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Find the complete article as "Five Women’s Centers to Watch in 2007" in the Special Report section on and as "Women's Healthcare: Most Influential Breast Care Facilities" on

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