News | September 06, 2007

Aragon Surgical Launches Novel LapCap Laparoscopic Device

September 7, 2007 — Aragon Surgical Inc., a venture backed surgical device start-up company, announced that it has introduced the LapCap at the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS) meeting in San Francisco.

The LapCap is the first Pneumoperitoneum Creation Assist Device, an entirely new category of laparoscopic enabling products.

As the initial step in the majority of laparoscopic procedures, general surgeons and gynecologists blindly pass a 12cm-long needle through the patient's abdominal wall and into the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity, guided only by subtle, tactile feedback. A correctly positioned needle then serves as the conduit for instillation of carbon dioxide gas into the cavity, creating a "pnuemoperitoneum.” This gas-filled abdominal cavity is the space within which laparoscopic surgery is performed.

Unfortunately, blind needle passage is an inconsistent maneuver associated with risk of needle injury (to intestines and vessels), patient death and failure to initially correctly position the needle (requiring additional patient risk and operative time for needle repositioning or re-passage).

With the Aragon Surgical LapCap, blind needle passage is safe, simple, rapid, and predictable. The novel device utilizes simple suction to elevate the abdominal wall up and away from the intestines and blood vessels, creating a "safe space” within the peritoneal cavity into which the Veress needle is fully advanced.

The potential impact of the LapCap for surgeons and patients was demonstrated when the Society honored the LapCap with the Innovation of the Year Award. This prestigious award is bestowed only upon significantly innovative laparoscopic products which benefit both general surgeons and gynecologists.

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