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Agfa's DR Systems Take Top Spot in Three Categories in MD Buyline's User Satisfaction Survey

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October 2, 2015 — MD Buyline's industry experts survey hundreds of end users to gain customer experiences in order to develop quarterly "User Satisfaction Trending" reports Agfa HealthCare digital radiography (DR) systems rated superior in multiple categories versus top market competitors.

Agfa said it has been ranked first in three categories of MD Buyline's Q2.2015 "User Satisfaction Trending" Survey for Radiographic Unit, Digital and Conventional. Taking the top spot in "System Reliability," "Service Response Time," and "Service Repair Quality," Agfa HealthCare's Direct Radiography (DR) systems were rated higher than the competition in these areas according to survey findings.
MD Buyline's industry experts survey hundreds of end users to gain customer experiences in order to develop quarterly "User Satisfaction Trending" reports. Based on user feedback, MD Buyline rates suppliers on a scale from 1 to 10 in six categories, with Agfa HealthCare leading in half of the categories for its DR products.
According to the report, Agfa users "appreciate that they are able to continue utilizing Musica image processing as they've transitioned from Agfa's CR (computed radiography) systems to DR."  In addition, according to interview feedback, "Agfa HealthCare's DR system owners applauded the ease of transition from CR to DR with the continuity of the Musica workstation and user interface."
Agfa has a full portfolio of DR systems, from telescoping mobile DR systems to high throughput C-arms, floor mounted and fully auThe vendor provides innovative, user friendly and configurable DR systems to meet the imaging requirements of large and small facilities. 
All of Agfa's DR solutions are powered by industry-leading Musica image processing and the convenience provided by its workstation with a single click user interface. Now in its third generation, Musica technology provides consistent, high-quality results and virtually eliminates the need for post processing adjustments by the technologist or radiologist. The high image quality provided by Musica image processing, when used with cesium iodide detector technology, has become the gold standard in DR Imaging and also provides up to 60 percent dose reduction* potential for patients using Agfa DR systems.

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