Technology | Digital Radiography (DR) | September 29, 2016

Agfa Healthcare Expands DR Retrofit Portfolio with DX-D 60 Detector

Cassette-sized 17x17 inch (43x43 cm) detector fits into existing X-ray bucky trays

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September 29, 2016 — Agfa HealthCare has expanded its DX-D Retrofit line with the DX-D 60.  This versatile, vendor-neutral direct radiography (DR) detector easily fits into existing radiography rooms and provides DR workflow without the higher cost of room replacement. In addition to virtually instant image access, technologists do not have to rotate the 17x17 inch DX-D 60 for radiology exams that would otherwise require portrait and landscape detector rotations, thus greatly improving image acquisition speed and workflow.  

This and other retrofit options are key components to Agfa's Fast Forward to DR program. Retrofits allow healthcare providers to upgrade their technology economically, circumventing the need for costly complete room replacements, while enhancing technological capabilities. When healthcare providers retrofit existing units with DR, they benefit from improved image quality, the potential for lower doses of radiation when used with cesium (CsI) detectors and realize value while still being responsive to new U.S. government regulations that maximize reimbursement.

DX-D 60 is available with either gadolinium (GOS)- or cesium (CsI)-based scintillators. 

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