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The ACR Renews Its “Radiology Classroom of the Future” With Eizo Diagnostic Displays

The American College of Radiology’s technologically advanced education center in Reston, Va.

The American College of Radiology (ACR), founded in 1923, has remained the cornerstone in all matters to do with radiology, continuing to improve, promote and protect the advancement of radiology. Leading the radiology evolution, the ACR represents over 37,000 members spanning the imaging spectrum.  

When the world looks to the ACR to provide the best educational seminars, displays play a large part in facilitating that environment. ACR and Eizo have maintained a solid synergistic partnership since 2008. Eizo has maintained this partnership by offering the highest quality products, allowing the center to recreate true-to-life accounts and contributing to the best learning experience possible. With that, they required versatility to cater to the multitude of users and modalities to include positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), angiography and breast imaging. Eizo again fit the strict criteria that ACR required with the RadiForce RX440, a large format 29.8-inch LED backlit diagnostic LCD solution.

Vinay Sandhir, senior director of ACR’s Education Center, is responsible for selecting state-of-the-art equipment that offers the closest thing to clinical simulation picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and workstations from all the relevant vendors with full DICOM training sets. Sandhir vetted all major brands, and through this process, he not only credits the high quality of the Eizo brand, but the support and service the company continually provides. He stated, “I am impressed with the overall simplicity of the installation and the flexibility to change viewing formats to represent the various vendors.” 

Sandhir continues to praise Eizo and the feedback he receives from attendees who comment on image quality and reduced eyestrain. Sandhir said, “When people walk into their classroom, you have to see the double-take when they view 60 Eizo monitors in one room. It is very impressive and conveys what we were trying to accomplish.”

Eizo values its partnership with ACR and is proud to be aligned with such a historic institution in their promotion of quality medical education as the ACR strives to fulfill these core functional areas: education, research and membership value. One main focus that embodies these three core areas is the advent and operation of their technologically advanced education center in Reston, Va., which is credited with teaching over 1,300 physicians worldwide annually, in one or more of its 43 annual seminars.

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