News | October 05, 2011

Accuray Unveils CyberKnife, TomoTherapy Enhancements at ASTRO 2011

October 5, 2011—Accuray Incorporated announced it is unveiling several enhancements to its CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System and TomoTherapy Radiation Therapy System at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) 53rd annual meeting. The company is also rolling out its Diamond Plus Service Program to TomoTherapy customers. ASTRO 2011 takes place Oct. 2-6 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Fla.

Together, the CyberKnife system, Accuray’s robotic radiosurgery/stereotactic body radiotherapy (SRS/SBRT) system, features real-time tracking and automatic correction and the ability to treat patients from hundreds of different angles. The TomoTherapy system is an image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) technology; it enables daily computed tomography (CT) quality image-guided IMRT in a completely integrated treatment solution. This provides practitioners with the capabilities, accuracy and flexibility needed to personalize and tailor radiation treatment for each patient.

Accuray will showcase several new product enhancements for both systems at ASTRO. These include:

- CyberKnife Lung Optimized Treatment - an improved second generation suite of lung simulation and treatment products provides an optimum fiducial-free treatment option for every lung SBRT patient – regardless of tumor location.

- CyberKnife Xsight Spine Prone - in combination with the Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System, this new tracking product enables clinicians to deliver accurate, non-invasive spine radiosurgery to patients in the prone position to maximize sparing of the spinal cord and other surrounding tissues.

- TomoTherapy OIS Connect & CyberKnife Radiosurgery DICOM Interface - Integrates Accuray Treatment Systems with the oncology department’s ARIA and MOSAIQ Oncology Information Systems, streamlining workflow and improving operational efficiency.

- TomoTherapy Hi·Art V4.1 / TomoHD V1.1 - The latest versions of the TomoTherapy System software, which include enhancements that improve clinical workflow and efficiency throughout the TomoTherapy process – from treatment planning to delivery.

- TomoTherapy Remote Software Solutions - Provides the power to develop more TomoTherapy treatment plans, from more places. This remote access solution helps treatment centers using TomoTherapy treatment systems to retain the services of staff who need to live or work remotely.

In addition to the product enhancements, Accuray will now be extending its Diamond Plus Service Program to TomoTherapy customers. Unlike traditional service plans—which provide basic break/fix protection—this program includes upgrade protection and guaranteed uptime, ensuring its systems are in optimal condition.

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